Weingut Heinrich Vollmer

Bodega Enrique Vollmer

Weine aus der Pfalz und Argentinien


With the support of his father Wendelin Heinrich Vollmer already made his first wine at the age of 8. Being constantly impassioned for the craft of winemaking, the path led Heinrich Vollmer to the Burgundy area where he stayed for 5 years learning all about the production and creation of wine. With this top-quality training and his entrepreneurial spirit the young winemaker founded his own winery in Ellerstadt in 1972. Over the years he launched this palatinate business to one of the biggest private wineries in Germany. When it comes to his leisure time Heinrich Vollmer also doesn’t stand still. As a passionate mountaineer he climbs mainly the peaks of South America.


As native person from Baden Heinrich Vollmer perceived the huge potential of the vineyards around Ellerstadt to make great red and white wines. With around 1.800 hours of sunlight the Mittelhaardt region is one of the warmest and driest regions in Germany. The soils rich in humus and minerals are permeated with pebble stones and offer ideal cultivation conditions for vines. The perfect base for fruity white wines, velvet red wines and tingling sparkling wines.


Based on the model of his apprentice years in Burgundy Heinrich Vollmer placed high importance on sustainable working methods already in his early years. Today this means the renunciation of chemical pesticides above all herbicides. To maintain the health of the soil, plants and not least humans is the first priority of the winery Heinrich Vollmer. Every vintage provokes the winemaker anew. With experience, fresh ideas and courage Heinrich Vollmer faces those challenges.


2.000 square meters and 9,6m below ground level the wine cellar provides ideal conditions for wines regarding temperature and air humidity. The white wines ferment cold in stainless steel tanks and remain on the yeast till bottling. The careful vinfication and the long storage on the yeast give our wines their unique freshness and bright fruitiness. The red wines are traditionally fermented on the mash and age partially in big oak barrels. The top wines of our ALTUM wine range store up to 18 months in oak barrels. After bottling we give our red wines enough time to evolve undisturbed. A particular specialty is our fine bubbly sparkling wine, that offers a great taste experience due to the 18 months yeast storage we give them.


Since many years our wines are getting drunk by wine lovers in the business and first class above the clouds but also on the rail. Besides we supply food retailers Germany-wide, selected wine specialty stores as well as top gastronomy. Not least are our wines from two continents available in international export markets like China, Russia or North America.



With its 400 years of wine-growing tradition, Argentina raised international awareness at the beginning of the year 2000 and till today inspires wine drinkers all over the world with strongly aromatic and fruity red wines. Heinrich Vollmer realized as one of the first foreign winemakers the advantages of the South American country and founded the Bodega Enrique Vollmer in 1987 when he was unexpected provided with this opportunity after a mountain tour in the Andes.


The location of the Bodega was chosen with mindful consideration. It lies around hundred kilometers south of Mendoza, right in the heart of the most important wine-growing region of Argentina – in the Valle de Uco. This spot is distinguished by its special altitude so our grapes grow 1.100 meters above the sea level. The altitude in combination with the continental semi-desert climate offers ideal cultivation conditions. Due to the elevation strong temperature fluctuations take place during the ripening period. The cool nights preserve the acidity and give our wines their unique fruitiness and complexity. 300 days of sunshine per year take care of the needed colorants and tannins.


Because of a particular climate phenomenon Argentina is almost predestined for ecological viticulture: westerly winds from the Pacific absorb moisture from the ocean, cool down while rising on the west side of the Andes and arrive in Chile where all the moisture gets released as rain. The now dry air fall off at the east side of the Andes and gets warm. That’s the reason for the low air humidity in the Valle de Uco. Fungal pathogenes which are harmful for the vines can hardly multiply under those dry air conditions. That’s why the Bodega uses almost no plant protection products. Sparse steppe landscape is the result of the dry climate. Snow water from the Andes that pour out in miles and miles of streams through the country, is used to water the vines and makes wine-growing possible.

The philosophy of the Bodega says that extraordinary wines are already formed in the vineyards. The whole team believes that and feels it during their daily work. As reward for the careful and sustainable practice method in the vineyards completely healthy grapes get harvested year for year. Processed with great care the high quality given by nature gets preserved. Strive for the perfect taste full of nature and the production in harmony with nature is officially verified by organic certifications from the USA and the EU.


Despite extreme experiences Heinrich Vollmer never quit mountain climbing. In 1998 he organized the reconstruction of the “Berlin cabin” which was the last haven below the peak of the highest mountain in America. The Berlin cabin lies close below the peak of the Acongagua heighted almost 7.000m. With its reconstruction the cabin saved verifiable within a short period of time many human lives.